Tattoos by Natalie Davis


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you accept all projects sent during a submission window?

A: No. Due to a high volume of requests, I am not able to book all projects sent in during each period, although this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try again next time! Your project may also be declined if it doesn’t align with what I am accepting at that time (see Booking Information for a list of what I am and am not accepting). If I feel your project would be best suited with another artist, I may recommend you to another one.

Q: How do you pick from the project submissions?

A: All submissions are reviewed starting the following day and chosen by project, with returning clients given first priority. Your project will be picked if it aligns with what I am accepting at that time, as space allows (see Booking Information for a list of what I am and am not accepting).

Q: When is your next booking date?

A: As soon as I have chosen my next booking date, I make a post to my Instagram as well as list the date in my bio. Please look for these. If my bio says my books are closed and there is no recent post about the next booking date, this means I have not chosen one yet. Please do not email about about availability as it crowds my inbox and makes it harder for me to answer current client emails!

Q: Can I send an email outside of your submission window to get an appointment?

A: No, sorry! All messages sent prior to or after the booking window are discarded. You will receive an auto-reply directing you back to this website for instructions. Because of my saturated weekly schedule, I have to designate time aside for these booking dates to quickly and effectively schedule my clients and be able to give them my undivided attention.

Q: I sent my submission during the booking window but I have not received an answer yet. Should I submit a second form?

A: No, please do not submit a second form! I begin to answer emails the following day. This process can take me a week or so to complete, so please be patient while waiting for a reply!

Q: Will I get a response if my project is not chosen?

A: Yes. I reply to everyone either way. After I have finalized my last appointment I can take for the booking period, I send out a general email to those who did not get in to let them know that I did receive their inquiry but was unable to accept their project this round.

Q: Do I have to submit an idea or can I have you pick a tattoo design for me?

A: Because of the volume of requests I receive, I only accept submissions that include a design idea. You may also choose from any available flash I have on my Instagram story highlight. If you aren’t sure of what you want, I ask you to please wait for another booking period while you decide so that others who are ready can get a chance to book!

I also offer up pre-drawn flash on my Instagram any time I have a cancellation. Keep an eye out for these if you missed the window or are unable to decide what you want!

Q: Can I submit more than one idea?

A: Yes. You may submit up to 2 ideas for me to choose from. Fill out the submission form as normal for the first idea. Include all the required information about the second design in the description area of the form.

Q: Will I see my design ahead of time?

A: All designs are presented at the time of your appointment. Due to my heavy schedule, I need create each one in order with of appointments to give each design my full attention and adequate time!

Q: Do you have a waitlist or cancellation list?

A: No. If you are unable to get in during the booking period you applied for, I encourage you to please try again during the next one! I offer up pre-drawn flash on my Instagram any time I have a cancellation. Keep an eye out for these if your project was not chosen this round or you missed the window!

Q: Do you take cards or are you cash only?

A: I ask that all clients pay cash only. Please bring enough to cover your session. If you need an estimate, I am happy to provide one for clients with a booked appointment.

Q: Do you charge hourly or by the piece?

A: I price by the piece. With larger pieces I sometimes use an hourly rate to help myself calculate a price. My minimum is $300. A half day can cost $300-$700* and a full day can cost $700-$1000*. I am happy to provide an estimate to clients with a booked appointment if you are unsure which amount to bring. *The prices above include the deposit amount you paid and does not include tax applied.

Q: What happens if I am unable to come to my appointment or I am late?

A: If you contact me with advance notice (48 hours or more), I will give you one reschedule. Your reschedule date is likely to be several months later than your original. A second reschedule will result in a drop of the project and loss of your deposit. If you contact me with under 48 hours notice, this will result in a drop of the project and loss of your deposit. If your project is dropped, you are still able to apply next time!

I ask that you please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your appointment to fill out paperwork and begin the prep process for your tattoo. If you arrive any later than 20 minutes after your appointment time, this will result in a drop of the project and loss of your deposit, regardless of notice given. I likely have other appointments that day and my late policy is enforced to ensure that other clients’ time they have paid to reserve is not compromised.

If you do not come to your appointment and no notice is given, you will be marked down as a no call, no show. Your deposit will be lost and you will not be able to book any future appointments.

Certain circumstances can override the policies above, chosen at my discretion.

Q: Do you do coverups?

A: Sometimes, yes! Depending on the piece needing covered, and the desired coverup design, I may take it on. If I feel that the desired design will not work, I may offer another. If I feel my style of work will not cover the existing piece adequately or feel that the project is outside of my skill zone, I may recommend you to another artist.

Q: Can I bring a friend or family member to my appointment?

A: Absolutely! Just please ensure that you limit this to one additional guest besides yourself and that they are aware you will be there for some hours!

Q: How long will my appointment take?

A: The time you spend in the shop depends on multiple things. Time to complete each unique piece, each client’s pain tolerance and pain management, breaks, set up and break down, payment, and of course taking awesome photos of your finished piece! Expect to be in the shop for a least a couple hours and please do not make any immediate obligations that would cause you to have to leave early or leave the design unfinished. If you leave before your appointment is over, you will have to re-submit your project during the next booking period to acquire an appointment to finish it. If you are unsure how long your piece will take, please just ask!

Q: Where can I park?

A: There is a free parking garage on Mill St. There is also a paid parking directly behind the building that charges $3 for the first hour and $1 for each additional hour. Please allow yourself a few minutes to walk from the parking garage to the studio.

Q: Is there anything I should do to prepare for my appointment?

A: Please read all information on my website carefully and have a clear idea of what is expected on your end in terms of arriving on time and having payment ready.

Otherwise, please make sure you get a good night’s sleep and eat a full meal before coming to your appointment! Stay hydrated and do not drink alcohol 24 hours prior to your appointment. You are welcome to bring a drink and snack/lunch with you. We have designated areas in the shop where you are allowed to eat on breaks. We also provide bottled water to our clients.

Q: Do you tattoo minors with parental consent?

A: No. 18 years of age and older only, please!

Q: Can I book a full arm or leg sleeve with you?

A: Because of a high volume of requests and the time it takes to complete them, I am not accepting full sleeves to ensure everyone has a chance to secure 1 appointment per booking period. If you want a tattoo sleeve from me, then you may of course submit for a singular piece each booking period to start filling the arm/leg.

Q: My tattoo idea is very small or just linework. Can I still submit?

A: Please refrain from submitting if you don’t want any shading or you have a project that is very small/text based. I am only accepting projects that allow me substantial creative freedom (and are worth the $300 minimum for you!) If you are looking for something small or linework only, please view our other talented artists’ portfolios.

Q: Do you do color?

A: No. I am only taking on blackwork projects. I sometimes add touches of color at my discretion, only if I feel it to be absolutely necessary.

Q: What should I do if my friend / family member / significant other and I want tattoos on the same day?

A: If you want to book a double appointment, please include all criteria for both yourself and your guest in one singular form. Please limit this to yourself and one other guest, one tattoo per person. Designs are still subject to my choosing and may be denied if they don’t align with projects I am accepting (see Booking Information for projects I am currently accepting). It is also possible that I may be unable to complete the desired designs in one day. In this event, you may be asked to chose separate days upon scheduling.

Q: What should I do if I am traveling out of state?

A: If you are traveling from out of state, especially if you are flying, I would recommend getting trip insurance just in case! The only reasons I will ever or have ever rescheduled on a client are extreme illness or family emergency. This is very rare, but please safeguard your trip in the event of an emergency.